A new year and a new look! Welcome to our exciting new webpage. Over the past 18 years, the Dovetail webpage has evolved with the company. From our homegrown efforts on our own PC in 2005 to this beautiful new presentation, our webpage is a reflection of who we have become. We hope you enjoy reading about just a few of our over 1,300 projects we’ve completed, seeing our areas of service, and learning how you can join our team. Most importantly, we are so proud to highlight our incredible staff through new photos and bios. We would be nothing without their achievements and hard work.

Thank you especially to Simpatico Design Studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia for this amazing redesign. Based on work commenced by former Dovetailer Stephanie Grooms, they have created an incredible media suite that really showcases the company as a whole. We are honored to partner with this local small business and deeply appreciate their wisdom…and patience.

We are looking forward to seeing what 2023 has to bring! If you have any questions on the company or the CRM process, please reach out (540-899-9170/[email protected]).

Enjoy our new virtual home,

Kerri S. Barile, President