Transportation projects bring a unique set of challenges, as they are often long, linear corridors that traverse numerous parcels, and sometimes even jurisdictions. Dovetail Cultural Resource Group, a Mead & Hunt Company (Dovetail), has extensive experience performing all levels of cultural resource tasks on transportation corridors.  We have worked with local, state, and federal transportation agencies to successfully complete hundreds of challenging infrastructure improvements throughout the eastern United States, ranging from commuter parking lots to 200-mile rail corridors. Our knowledge of the cultural heritage of this region, combined with our strong relationships with State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) in many states, allows us to partner with our clients to achieve project success.

It is important to have cultural resource consultants who understand: 1) your transportation project needs; 2) the complex project development process per locality and state; and 3) the cultural resource documentation and regulatory clearance process. Dovetail will bring all of these to your transportation undertaking.

A sample of our transportation projects include:

  • Roadways
    • Road Widenings
    • Interchange Improvements
    • Bridge and Culvert Replacements
    • New Roads on New Alignments
    • Drainage Improvements
    • Bridge Rehabilitation
    • Bus Rapid Transit Lane Development
    • Storm Water Management Facilities
    • Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) Improvements (former TEA-21 & SAFETEA-LU Program)
  • Rails 
    • Light Rail including Streetcars, Trolleys, and Trains
    • Heavy Rail such as Standard Track, Metro Rail, Subway, and Rapid Transit
    • High Speed Rail
    • New Stations
    • Freight Rail Improvements
    • Rail Yard Improvements
  • Air and Space
    • Airport Expansions
    • Runway Modifications
    • Airport Building Conversions
    • Utility Infrastructure on Air-Based Facilities
    • NASA Building Inventories