Trogden-Squirrel Creek/Asheboro Bypass

Randolph County, North Carolina


Dovetail conducted archaeological data recovery (Phase III) excavations of the Trogdon-Squirrel Creek site for the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in association with the Asheboro Southern Bypass. The Trogdon-Squirrel Creek site (31Rd1426/1426**), was determined to be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) under Criterion D for its ability to reveal information on Quaker domestic and agricultural lifeways in the nineteenth century. Dovetail assisted the NCDOT archaeological staff in the refinement and coordination of the data recovery plan with the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology (OSA), as well as coordinated artifact curation with the OSA. Dovetail’s cultural resource responsibilities included:

  • Implementation of the data recovery plan, including excavations resulting in the recovery of over 22,000 artifacts
  • Technical report production
  • Public presentation on the data recovery results
  • Artifact curation
  • Extensive coordination with the NCDOT and OSA

The archaeological data recovery at the Trogdon-Squirrel Creek site draws on Dovetail’s ability to conduct and coordinate intricate cultural resource studies in conjunction with state agency staff under tight project deadlines. The data recovery resulted in the collection of artifacts dating from the early human occupation of the area until the twentieth century, requiring a broad range of expertise in the analysis and interpretation of these materials. Dovetail completed all technical studies within the project schedule, highlighting the company’s vast experience working on complex transportation projects.