Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System Project

City of Richmond and Henrico County, Virginia

Phase I Cultural Resource Survey and Project Agency Coordination


On behalf of Parsons, and in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) and the Richmond GRTC Transit System (GRTC), Dovetail Cultural Resource Group conducted a Phase I cultural resource survey of the Broad Street (BRT) project area. This project includes the construction of a guideway (dedicated bus lanes) along the 7-mile route from the western suburbs of Richmond through the downtown core of the capital city and into the oldest section of town. Dovetail’s cultural resource responsibilities to date include:

  • Reconnaissance-level architectural survey of almost 600 above-ground resources
  • Archaeological survey in areas with the potential for intact soils
  • Technical report production and architectural documentation packets
  • Section 106 coordination with all involved local, state, and federal agencies including initiation, project APE, resource eligibility, and project effect
  • Identification and coordination with consulting parties

The Broad Street (BRT) project draws on Dovetail’s ability to coordinate high-volume cultural resource surveys within dense, historic, urban commercial environments. As one of Richmond’s primary transportation corridors, architectural resources within this project area varied in type, period, and style. Dovetail completed all technical studies within the project schedule and also conducted all compliance documents, highlighting their vast experience working on complex undertakings.